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Why AntiMicrobials

Food safety is ensured largely, but not exclusively, by controlling the presence and growth of pathogenic organisms in and on foods. Numerous cleaning compounds and processes have been developed to remove and destroy bacteria, viruses, and parasites from equipment and surfaces in food processing plants, this also applies to fresh produce and animal carcasses. Antimicrobial compounds are used to eliminate or limit the growth of pathogens in foods.

  • To increase your shelf life and minimize your bacteria counts, we can customize spray bars on your conveyors to spray proteins/vegetables with PAA(peracetic acid), Citric Lactic acid blend, Lactic acid, or Ozone. 

  • White Glove Sanitation Chemicals and Solutions provides an assortment of antimicrobials to fit specific needs.

  • White Glove offers training and chemicals to not only clean your processing meat and harvesting facility but to spray the proteins/vegetables with a full line of antimicrobials.

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Chemical offerings

Acidified Sodium Chlorite (ASC)


Used as a wash and/or aide in processing. ASC Solution in rinse water, in accordance with the FDA limitation for use on direct food contact and indirect food contact;

Direct Food Contact (Secondary Direct Food Additive) 

Poultry carcass, organs and parts; red meat carcass organs and parts, seafood (finfish and crustaceans), fruits and vegetables (raw and  further processed), comminuted or formed meat product

Indirect/Direct Food Contact

Hard surface food contact sanitization

Lactic Acid


Purac FC88 is the natural L-Lactic acid, which is produced by fermentation from sugar. It has a mild acid taste and is widely used as an acidulate in the food industry. PURAC's primary functions are to preserve and flavor. 

Peracetic Acid (PAA)


An antimicrobial for indoor use on hard surfaces. Utilization sites include; agricultural presumes, food establishments, medical facilities, and home bathrooms. PAA is also registered for use in dairy/cheese processing platen, on food processing equipment and in pasteurizers in breweries, wineries and beverage plants. It is also applied for the disinfection of medical supplies, to prevent film formation in pulp industries, and as a water purifier and disinfectant, where it prevents biofilm formation and effectively controls Legionella Bacteria. 

Citric Acid


A unique blend of lactic acid and citric acid for beef carcass and trim decontamination. It has decontamination properties that can be used through processing to reduce the microbial load of fresh meat. PURAC® CL 21/80 is sprayed or misted directly upon the surface. For this Citric Blend application, it is advised to use PURAC® CL 21/80 at 2.5% concentration by weight. 

Antimicrobials: About
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